BOKU – University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Institute of Agronomy and Plant Breeding (Austria)


Project members: Ralph Gretzmacher, Veronika Hager


The Institute’s central goal is the development of integrated plant production methodologies that decrease the risks for environmental degradation, guarantee high productivity and good quality for further food production. In plant breeding the methodological basis and its practical applications are investigated to develop new varieties (genotypes) with an increased genetic potential towards, yield, quality and resistance. Therefore the Institute has growing interest in the sustainable use of plant genetic resources. Recent projects dealt e.g. with “old” traditional crop varieties, underutilized crops and plant production in tropical and subtropical regions. In the context of cooperation with developing countries several projects were carried out in cooperation with African and Asian partners. These projects are also meant for education and qualification of young scientists in developing countries. The Institute plays a key role in teaching plant-related agricultural topics at the University. Project funding has been obtained from National institutions and the EU.

Role and tasks in the project

Using the project experience with Asian countries and the long standing contacts to Southeast Asian research colleagues, this partner will provide a valuable input in establishing and improving the project’s European-Asian network. Although contributing to all WP’s, the main focus will be the contribution to WP 3. Here this partner will participate at the International Meetings co-working on the recommendations and strategies on genetic resources, and will also use its international contacts to stimulate the “Open Discussion”. BOKU IPP will supervise one PhD student enrolled in the project.