Here you can download some Diverseeds project documents

Workshops and Meetings

  • First Chinese Diverseeds Workshop. Beijing, PR China, September 2007. Download Report
  • First Southeast Asian Diverseeds Workshop. Hanoi, Vietnam, September 2007. Download Report
  • Report of the first European Diverseeds Workshop. Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 2007. Download Report
  • Joint ECPGR-Diverseeds-Bioversity Inter-regional Workshop on Crop Genetic Resources Networks. Italy, December 2007. Executive Summary
  • First International Diverseeds Meeting. Rome , Italy, December 2007. Download Report, Programme Briefing Paper
  • Second European Diverseeds Workshop. Viennna, Austria, May 2008. Download Report
  • Second Chinese Diverseeds Workshop. Beijing, PR China, April 2008. Download Report
  • Second Southeast Asian Diverseeds Workshop. Khon Kaen, Thailand, May 2008. Download Report
  • Second International Diverseeds Meeting. Kunming, China, September 2008Download ReportMeeting agenda 


Public information events