Farmers can only be introduced to Farmer Participatory Breeding (see Article 6.2 (c)), which has proved so successful in other regions of the world (Indian subcontinent, Near East) if knowledge exists about landraces to be utilized. Our project includes and supports experts on farmer participation to ensure the mentioned articles are put into practice. Articles 9 to 13 of the International Treaty deal with farmers’ rights, access to PGRFA and benefit sharing. While agreement of the Parties has been reached over these matters, it is apparent that the consequences of these agreements do not easily filter down to individual farmers. The questions also deal with farmer incentives for keeping and sustainably using diverse PGRFA. For this question to be addressed with any chance of a positive outcome for local farmers, a dialogue between scientists and farmers needs to take place. Diverseeds will provide such a dialogue especially in the region of Southeast Asia where our partners have considerable experience in communicating with (traditional) farmers.