Hanoi Agricultural University, Faculty of Land Resources and Environment (Vietnam)

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Project members:

Nguyen Lam


The Department is an interdisciplinary institution, specialised in agroecology and environmental education, training, research and extension. Drawing on its own staff, and in co¬operation with local and international institutions, the Department has become a strong force in the fields of applied ecology, rural resources management, farming systems R & D, sustainable agricultural development and environmental impact assessment. Through its publications, lectures and training courses, it has also become a main force in the promotion of environmental and sustainable agricultural development awareness in Vietnam. The Department’s studies focus primarily on systematic approach in developing sustainable agriculture, indigenous knowledge and utilization of natural resources and environmental conservation.

Role and tasks in the project

HAU will contribute to WP 2, as well as to WP 3 by identifying issues and participating in the discussion on regional and global recommendations. In this regard, it will play a key role in the elaboration of the Southeast Asian recommendations and strategies for genetic resources conservation and use. It will moreover contribute to the setting up of Dissemination Material for Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia. Within WP 4, its task will consist in designing information material suitable for Vietnamese farmers.