Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences IBCAS (China)

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Project members:

Wei Wei, Hai Fei Zhou


The Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences is an integrative research center of basic plant science in China. The main orientation of the discipline development of the Institute is on the basic research of biodiversity and genetic resources and their sustainable utilization. The major research fields are: national eco-safety under the background of global change; the formative mechanism of biodiversity and its conservation ways; molecular basis of green and high-efficiency agriculture and biotechnology for the utilization of plant resources. Its Herbarium is the largest one in Asia, harbours over 2.3 million specimens of dried plants, over 70 000 samples of plant fossils and over 80 000 specimens of dry seeds. The Botanical Garden has a collection of over 4 200 plant species and varieties from different parts of the world. The wild plant germplasm bank has a collection of over 2000 species of living plants.

Role and tasks in the project

IBCAS main tasks consist in its role as leader of Work package 5, concerning the project’s operational support, and as Regional Leader for China, giving regular feedback to the project coordinator on the activities carried out in China. Furthermore, IBCAS will also contribute to WP 2 in identifying issues of importance to China. For WP 3, it will use its contacts to the Chinese scientific network to stimulate Chinese researchers to take advantage of the exchange platform established by the Diverseeds project. This partner will organize two regional workshops and the second international meeting, taking place in China.