IDC, Biosafety Working Group (Austria)


Project members:

Markus Schmidt, Gregor Giersch, Camillo Meinhart


IDC is an association of young scientists, researchers and practitioners of different disciplines. Its aim is to promote international exchange and cooperation in order to tackle global, environmental and socio-economic issues. In this regard, IDC has set up different working groups and work panels and is engaged in various national and international research projects, partly funded under the European research framework programme. IDC is also active in organising public information events on issues of global concern.

Role and tasks in the project

As project coordinator, Markus Schmidt from IDC will be responsible for the overall project co-ordination, for the support and management activities and will be the responsible contact person for the European Commission. IDC will supervise the various work packages as well as the quality and timelines of the various deliverables, reports and audits certificates to the EU. As regional leader for Europe and Israel, IDC has to coordinate the monitor the work progress in Europe throughout the project. IDC is leader of two Work Packages: WP 1, regarding co-ordination activities and administrative management, and WP 4 dealing with the dissemination of findings and results of the project. Here, the task will be to facilitate the “Open Discussion” by providing an online discussion platform and to produce and distribute dissemination material, including the project’s website, paper information and a short documentary film. Of course IDC will also actively contribute to the other WPs and will participate at the two European Regional Workshops and the two International Meetings, and assist in the elaboration of the project’s