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Project members:

Anan Pothanee, Poramate Banterng, 2 Master students


Khon Kaen University is an internationally-recognized university in Asia which offers an outstanding education, particularly related to the Northeast of Thailand and its neighbouring countries (e.g. Laos). The Department of Agronomy, of the Faculty of Agriculture, is involved in both basic and applied research to develop new technologies for field crop production and in student teaching. The Department has several well equipped laboratories for teaching and research in the fields of Seed Technology, Crop Physiology, Weed Science and Traditional Farming Knowledge. The Department also has an on-campus field research station, with an area of over 30 hectares for conducting research all year round. At present, the department has more than 10 major research projects supported by the government, private sector, and international agencies (e.g. the International Rice Research Institute, IRRI, and the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi -Arid Tropics, ICRISAT). The Department maintains good international relations with Universities and other research institutions in its neighbouring countries such as Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam, and recently Cambodia.

Role and tasks in the project

KKU will be the leader for Work package 2 and will assure that all participating regions/countries will contribute equally to the selection of issues to be discussed later in WP 3. KKU is the Regional Leader for Southeast Asia, giving regular feedback to the project coordinator on the activities carried out in this region. Due to its expertise in the field of traditional farming knowledge, KKU will also be a “scientist¬-farmer interface” to include farmer’s opinions, regarding plant genetic resources. The good ties to neighbouring countries experts are the basis for its role as Southeast Asian Regional Coordinator, overseeing the contribution and work of partners from Vietnam. Besides this, KKU will supervise the work of two Master students involved in the project and focusing particularly on Thailand, Lao and Vietnam.