University of Kassel, Institute of Crop Science (Germany)

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Project members:

Karl Hammer


The Institute has experience in the field of agricultural biodiversity and plant breeding. Currently a variety of research projects are conducted to monitor plant genetic resources in the Mediterranean region (the European Vavilov centre), particularly in Italy, on weeds as indicators of agricultural biodiversity, on genotypic variations in secondary metabolic components of medicinal plants and on the role of tropical backyard systems as areas of high species diversity. Teaching in botany, genetics and plant breeding and the use of the Greenhouse for Tropical Crops as a demonstration tool for the importance of crop diversity to students and the interested public are other activities. Our German partner is head of the section “Genetic Resources” in the European Association for Research on Plant Breeding EUCARPIA, and also head of the section “Genetic Resources” in the German society for plant breeding. Before joining the Institute of Crop Science, Karl Hammer was the head of the Genebank Department, Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research in Gatersleben, Germany.

Role and tasks in the project

The role of the Institute of Crop Science in the project will be three-fold. First, it will contribute to WP 2 by identifying the main issues for discussion in WP3. Second, it will participate in the European Regional Workshop and at the International Meetings to elaborate, together with the other international partners, the recommendations as well as a European and global strategies for sustainable use of plant genetic resources.
A third task will consist in linking the Diverseeds projects to existing European networks on genetic resources and by that contribute to improve the exchange of knowledge between European and Asian experts via the project’s communication platform.