Israeli Gene Bank for Agricultural Crops, Volcani center (Israel)

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Project members:

Rivka Hadas


The Israeli Gene Bank for Agricultural Crops was established in 1979 at the Agricultural Research Organization Volcani Center in Bet-Dagan. The aim of the Gene Bank is to preserve in-situ or ex-situ, the genetic variability of wild species and primitive varieties that have domesticated relatives (agricultural crops) and economic-agricultural and social-cultural potential for the existence of mankind in future generations. The Center aims to collect, keep, maintain, and characterize the seed collections and plants of wild relatives in Israel. There is also an Information Center at the Gene Bank that was established in the end of 2002 by the Israeli Ministry of Science with the aim of providing professional-scientific support to facilitate the exploitation of the Bank’s assets. The Information Center would help to establish a scientific infrastructure that will serve the whole scientific community in Israel and abroad. These days, the IGB planing to move to new and modern facilities which will serve as a home for various collections from Israel and the Mediterranean region. In addition, the Israeli Gene Bank for Agricultural Crops cooperates with the European Cooperative Program for Crop Genetic Resources Networks (ECP/GR).

Role and tasks in the project

ARO will contribute to the workshops and meetings with its expertise on management of plant genetic resources. It will furthermore take the role of linking the Diverseeds Project to the Israeli scientific community working on genetic resources.
Israel being one of the main centres of origin and diversity of crops grown in Europe, the project’s extended network can make use of the Israeli knowledge and experience.IGB website 
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